Science Communication

Our Constitution prescribes Developing Scientific Temper, Humanism and Spirit of Inquiry and Reform as some of the fundamental duties of every citizen. Popularization of science and inculcation of scientific temper among the people is one of JVV’s major tasks and priority areas. Its modes of popularization of science among people include folk arts, street plays, dance, magic, sound and music and other art forms besides the usual speeches, book exhibitions, demonstrations, debates, presentations, mobile science laboratories, gauntlet challenges against baseless claims, etc.

Some of the activists of JVV regularly contribute articles and science features in vernacular dailies and magazines besides participation in electronic media and AIR. JVV has developed a series of radio episodes on ‘Chemistry in Daily Life’ (13 episodes of 30 minute duration), ‘Emergence of Modern Science’ (another 13 episodes of 30 minute duration) and ‘Mana Nela Mana Bhoomi, meaning Our Land and Our Earth (a 52 radio episodes of 30 minute duration, developed in connection with the current International Year of Planet Earth, 2008) and other areas of science with a collaboration of the DST’s Vigyan Prasar and All India Radio. Whenever astronomical events such as eclipses, meteors, comets, occultations, etc. occur, JVV would be the first to go to people at their habitats and make them understand the underlying principles of such phenomena lest they should attach obscurantist cause to them and continue to be eternal slaves of paranormal and superstitious belief systems. Further, during events of calamity, such as tsunami, storms and floods, accidents and other untoward situations, it gears up its human and material resources to go to the material and mental needs of the victims and the aggrieved. Fake god men, soothsayers, palmists, quacks and unscientific medical prescriptions are on the waning due to the protracted activities of JVV. It has been rated the topper in celebrating the United Nations’ International Year of Physics, 2005.

As a befitting culmination of the celebrations of the International Year of Physics, JVV has installed a life-size statue of Albert Einstein, the genius of the millennium and on the basis of whose scientific works was the year, 2005, declared as the International Year of Physics.