With the strength of several thousands of teachers as its members, the JVV organizes teacher training to make them enjoy teaching and promotes pedagogic innovations to make learning an enjoyable activity for children. In consultation and association with teacher organizations, it holds frequently workshops to enhance the teachers’ information on the latest developments in science and technology by closeting them to eminent scientists and academicians of premier institutes of higher learning. It also assesses curriculum and textbook contents and concepts and organizes children’s science festivals, such as balotsavs, srijanotsavs, joyful learning, bala melas, etc, frequently on massive scales.

Further, it has developed PowerPoint slideshows and software modules in several subjects of academic interest besides lecture notes and booklets. To promote quest for knowledge and bent of socio-scientific and technological awareness among school children, JVV conducts Chekumuki Science Talent Test every year for high school children. As many as 6 lakh students have participated in this test during the year, 2007. The state level chekumuki science talent test, known as Sainsu Sambaralu, is not a competition but a festive convergence of bright minds from all over the state. It is marked by the so-called, Science Carnival, in which science toys, science shows, science demonstrations are staged all along roads.

The adult literacy, neo-literacy and post-literacy programmes, JVV organized, have brought praises to JVV from many corners. The mobile science laboratories (with help of DPEP), workshops on Low-Cost and No-Cost Science Teaching Aids, activities by name Joy of Learning, Summer Camps and Winter Camps for school children and teachers, etc some of the other very acclaimed activities of JVV in the Educational front.