Over the last few decades, JVV has actively been campaigning for people-oriented health policies and medicare. Led by a band of dedicated doctors and activists, the organization conducts surveys and analyzes the ground realities of health care at all levels while preparing village level health plans and cost-effective and lasting solutions. As an active partner of Jana Swasthya Abhyan (People’s Health Movement), JVV has been critically examining the health policies of the governments and formulating alternative health policies while cooperating on certain areas.

Many were baptized to JVV when there was a Prohibition in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It was the Literacy Movement, spearheaded by JVV, and one of the many short stories written by JVV for the illiterates, that sparked the Anti Arrack Movement. It has been a milestone in the successful chronology of events of Jana Vignana Vedika.

JVV has been organizing workshops and conventions to impress upon the people and the polity that giving healthcare to everyone is State’s responsibility as per the Alma Ata Declaration which stated “Health for All by 2000 AD”. It also conducts seminars on various issues related to health such as HIV/AIDS, PC and PNDT Act and general public health awareness. It brings into light some of the unscientific and corporate-based health policies and strives to protect the PHCs.

It vehemently fights against the misuse of medical technology for looting people’s purse and against unethical practice of sex determination and organ trafficking. It holds health camps and health-awareness programmes frequently all over the state. It fights against spurious drugs, quacks and clinically unfounded medical claims. It emphasizes the need for medical research towards lasting remedies for epidemics, gross ailments, community healthcare, rural hygiene, women and child healthcare and social and preventive medical systems. It welcomes traditional methods of medical practice for scientific scrutiny and physiological causative verification so as to be mounted on unquestionable scientific disposition.