To Become a Member


K.Thrimurthulu, President, JVV(AP), 7997232443
S.N.Ramesh, General Secretary, JVV(AP), 9490098539
G.Muralidhar, Treasurer, JVV(AP), 9052186766
Or any Office-Bearer of Jana Vignana Vedika

To Start a Unit

A JVV unit can be started at any locality provided there are atleast 10 persons willing to be members or activists of JVV. During the memebreship time, (October ) the unit can be registered in the Mandal Committee of that area. The annual conference of the unit should be convened every year , normally in April-June, and office beares should be selected. The Unit executive committe is comprised of 7 members atleast, with a president, Secretary, Vice president and Joint secretary and minimum 3 members. Sub organisations like Science & Tech, Womens Forum, Cultural etc can also be formed in the locality to conduct activities relating to a respective area.

Request for Membership