Samata – a women wing

SAMATA is the name of the women’s wing of JVV. It strives to empower women so that they are aware of their rights and sensitive to their problems and become prepared for the remedial measures. They are encouraged to be able to tackle their problems boldly and amicably. Personifying woman with weakness, meekness and subjugation besides projecting her as a symbol of evil have become a typical aspect of TV serials and storylines of entertainment. JVV condemns all such savagery against woman while organizing suitable programmes and extending solidarity to the struggles waged by democratic woman organizations.

JVV also holds frequent counseling and teachings to educate adolescent girls. It has organized Vanita Kala Jatha, workshops on PC-PNDT Act and on abuse and misuse of modern healthcare technologies gender discrimination in domestic, public, political and other socio-economic aspects and abject marginalization of womanhood for commercial and other nefarious and cultural brutality of feudalism in the garb of modernism.

It organizes village-level meetings and encourages women through village committee to know and participate in village development.