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SCIENCE FOR PEACE SCIENCE FOR SOCIAL REVOLUTION SCIENCE FOR DEVELOPMENT Jana Vignana Vedika is a non-profiteering, democratic and cadre-based people’s science organization
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                      Jana Vignana Vedika was founded in 1988 (on February, 28th, the National Science Day) as a result of the inspiration gathered from the Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha (BJVJ), 1987. The Organization and Domain of Jana Vignana Vedika:                 Jana Vignana Vedika, dearly known as JVV, is a non-profiteering, democratic and cadre-based  people’s science organization with its units functioning actively in all the 23 districts of the state of  Andhra Pradesh. It is affiliated to the All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN). It relies on the  volunteerism of its members, generous contributions from people and occasional public funding for  certain projects. It does not accept foreign funding.                 JVV has a 4-tier structure, i.e., village/local unit, mandal unit, district unit and state unit. Every  unit holds Conferences once every two years and elects the respective Committees. The State Conference is held after the lower units are done in their hierarchical order. Neither the President nor the General  Secretary holds the post for more than one term consecutively. Many top scientists, beaurocrats,  academicians, professionals, employees of public and private institutions, women, students, agricultural  workers and artisans including illiterates form the membership (more than 40,000) of JVV. Interspacing  the Conferences, each Committee, holds, every year, a Plenum to take stock of the activities of the  passing year and to plan for the issues of the ensuing year.                  Education, Health and Science Communication are the major three operational domains of  Jana Vignana Vedika. It organizes a variety of programmes to create awareness and to draw the public  attention on various socio-scientific issues. It also conducts training camps for teachers, students and  science volunteers on the trends of science and technology and the method of science. JVV celebrates and observes major scientific milestones and anniversaries of national and international significance.                  It publishes and circulates booklets and pamphlets. It wages relentless but peaceful struggles  against all kinds of superstitions and obscurantism. It elicits public opinion against the rhetoric of  paranormal, quackery, unhealthy and spurious medical practices and other unfounded claims of  prevention and cure. It is educating the people about environmental upkeep, ecological balance and  sustainable agricultural and industrial development while uncovering the real culprits behind the abuse of  the environment. Subscribe or contribute articles to: The Manager, Vidyarthi Chekumuki, H.no.3-78, BC colony, Gundla Singaram, Vidyaranyapuri(PO), Hanamkonda, warangal-506 009.